January 2012

January was your average month for the Fleetwood Four.  We continued to enjoy the mild winter as we stuck close to home and were entertained by our favorite people: Annabelle and Hudson.

 Annabelle starting 2012 off right with exercise to "keep her healthy"
Hudson giving it a try

The next dozen pictures were all taken in a day, really just a few hours.  I am sure those of you who are in the toddler years or have lived through them can appreciate the following.

My climber getting into "trouble"
Trying to climb in the sink
At least he is trying to clean up the mess he made

Playing together nicely, for the moment
Playing Mommy

Playing Drum
Punching Time
Hudson's Turn
Punching wasn't enough
Time to get outside

Working on spelling her name during "school time"

Hudon with baby Watermelon (Annabelle named her)
He is obsessed with all babies right now

Happy Birthday Daddy!  Sam celebrated his 31st birthday, Annabelle helped to make the cake and was very excited that she got to use her pink 3 and Hudson's blue one to make "Daddy's number". 


Sam and I have always enjoyed cooking together and like to get the kids involved whenever we can.  On this night Sam and Annabelle prepared ratatouille, we enjoyed it while watching Ratatouille.

Supervising Daddy as he cuts the veggies
Chef Annabelle

Enjoying her food and the movie

January also brings with it Sam's busy season at work, and this year was a very busy one.  Lucky for us he is able to work from home on the weekends so Annabelle still got her Daddy cuddles.  (Yes, she loves her My Little Pony shirt and wears it whenever she can)

Blocks, Mommy helped build this one
Daddy took a break from work to show Annabelle how to build "it right"
With the one Daddy helped build
Sneaking up on Daddy

Hudson found his sister's vest and hat and wanted it on, we put it on snapped pictures and took it off.  He damanded that it be put on again.  What he really wanted: to go outside.

He got what he wanted the next day, with a nice snow storm over the weekend we enjoyed a couple of days of snow before it all disappeared.
Family Walk

On the move

All bundled up
Enjoying the opportunity to make snow angels

Sledding with Mommy

So happy to be outside

Following our walk we warmed up by the fire and enjoyed roasting and eating marshmallows.

Allowed Hudson to give it a try, came out black from the ash
Skipped the roasting step
Annabelle had a first this month: Kool-Aid.  She recognized the Kool-Aid man on the package from the Macy's parade.  She picked her flavor and helped  make it.

Mixing it up
First sip
She likes it!

We decided not to put Annabelle in pre-school this past year, so we have been having "school-time" at home.  I leave it up to her to ask for it, which she does most days and we both enjoy spending the time together (we usually get it in while Hudson is napping). 

Having mastered spelling her name, we are working on writing it
She spelled her name, while I wrote it and then she traced it.
The love at the bottom was all her.
Here are some of my favorite pictures from the month:

Hudson using a DVD box for a hat.
My favorite part is Annabelle asking if he is selling fries, I get it, but where did she?
My silly little man

Nothing like playing in the sandbox in January

Trying out the goggles she found earlier that day
Annabelle and her library