November 2013

With soccer over for the season, we slowed down a little bit in November.   We spent the month mostly counting down to when all our family would get here for Thanksgiving, add in a little stomach bug and that sums up our month.

Annabelle had a day off of school so we made the most of it.  Heading out to "window" shop at a couple toy stores and pet stores, before a haircut and lunch out.

The kiddos looking for things to add to the important Christmas list

Maybe a fish?

Only her second haircut ever

Book-it Lunch

After window shopping for themselves Annabelle and Hudson did some real shopping for Operation Christmas Child.
Dropping of their boxes

Annabelle had the entire week of Thanksgiving off and thanks to the stomach bug a few days extra before. We stuck close to home a we got the house ready for guests and food ready for our feast.   

Getting the brine ready for the turkey

Our Chef in training

The cousins finally arrived and the kids got to playing.

The Annabelle and Naz Art Show
(Watching them create the art was part of their show)

Nice weather meant trips to the park

Uncle Jed just one of the kids

Uncle Noah finally arrived and showed the kiddos how to really play

The Tuinstras brought one more guest- Hoppy their pet rabbit

Sam and I spent the time doing what we enjoy...cooking

Dinner Time

Nap Time

After our big meal it was on to enjoying our company and time together.

Annabelle and I playing My Little Pony Game


Pile on Uncle Noah

With the extra help available Sam, Opa and Noah went to work hanging up the lights on the house making quick work of it.

The kids and I got started on decorating our own house.

It was then time for some fresh air so we took a walk with the family...

...and returned to our lights glowing.

During the month of November each day the kids write something they are thankful for on a leaf and hang it up. Annabelle's are on the left, Hudson's on the right.  I love what they come up with.

Friends, house, weather, trees, games....         Toys, Mommy, Monster Trucks, Burps.....


October 2013

October continued to keep us busy.  In addition to the everyday we had two visitors and lots of fun in anticipation of Halloween.  We started the month by going to the open house at the Fire Department.

So excited

*Just so you don't think I didn't take any pictures of Annabelle after this.  Her soccer game wore her out and she needed a bit of a break and took one with Daddy, while Huddy and I finished the rounds

Cookie break

Test drive

Big truck

Each Saturday we headed out to watch Annabelle play soccer, amazed at how much she has improved. As one of the smaller players she has no fear or problem slipping between the other girls to get the ball. Sam's grandparents came down to visit one weekend and his parents another so they could see her in action for themselves.
Our Soccer Star

Hudson and his buddy Taylor


Putting Grandma to work

We have really liked our neighborhood from the start, but as it grows we like it even more.  The kids were so excited when we got booed, and got to boo someone else.


Running to boo the neighbors

Annabelle had her first fundraiser this month; the school walk-a-thon.  After hitting up family for money she got decked out in her Hawaiian gear and walked six laps in thirty minutes.
Ready to walk

Hudson dressed up too
he helped hand out bracelet to count laps

A random picture, but love that on weekend mornings we wake up to hot air balloons in the sky.

My MOPS group got together one morning at The Farmstead, we took advantage since we had yet to visit.  After a hayride and picking out pumpkins we enjoyed playing the rest of the morning.

Ready to get pumpkins

Got his

Got hers

His pocket is a great place to hang a pumpkin

Ready to roll

My little jailbirds

Hudson found his favorite place to play

Visiting the Creature
(we always see it from the car, fun to see it up close)

Bouncing on the blob

At home it was all about decorating for the season; doing crafts and carving pumpkins.

Making a new fall sign

Annabelle found the perfect place for it

With pumpkins pre-carving and all our gourds from the garden

Getting started


Very focused

All aglow

Another random project...cheesecloth and starch ghost

The week of Halloween we visited Sam at work for one of our favorite Halloween traditions trick-or-treating in the office.

Annabelle aka Merida

Firefighter Hudson

And just like that it was the end of the month and of course Halloween.  We had quite the day.


Halloween Story Time at library

Making mummy dogs

Lunch is served

Annabelle at her school party

Craft time





Checking out their goodies