May 2013 Part 3: Annabelle's Birthday Party

Ever since she saw the movie Secret of the Wings Annabelle has said she wanted just that for her birthday party theme.  She did not change her mind at all in six months, so a Secret of the Wings is what she got.  We invited the girls from preschool added in some wings, party food, and a jump house making for a very fun time.
Before the party we had to put some things together, starting with invitations.  We then got the goody bags ready to do, the moved on to planning the menu and making decorations.
Invitation to the Pixie Hollow

All the Goodies
Packing Bags

On the day of the party Annabelle could not hide her excitement as she helped get things ready and made sure everything was just right.
Annabelle ready to party
Wings to turn girls into fairies

Table is set


Cake is ready
Happy 5th Birthday Annabelle

Jump House is going up

Annabelle's Menu:
Pocket Sandwich, Fruit Kabob, and Snowwballs (white cheese balls)
with Cake and ice-cream in flower cup
Before long her friends arrived and the party was in full swing.  The girls kept themselves entertained between lunch and cake with toys, games, and jumping.

Party Time!


Pin the Wings on Tinker Bell

Present Time

Enjoying the new toys

Showing off her cake

Making a wish

Hudson joining in on the fun
(He was the only boy...and didn't mind playing little brother to everyone)

Happy 5th Birthday!
We enjoyed a few more hours with the jump house and invited neighbors over to put it to good use.  All in all the party and day were a huge success.


May 2013 Part Two aka Hudson's Brithday Weekend

Hudson's birthday was during Memorial Day weekend this year and we really got to celebrate.  Oma and Opa came down for the weekend and Uncle Noah made a trip up from Las Vegas.  This was Hudson's first birthday spent with more than just the four of us, and we had a great time.

 After waking up a happy boy, Hudson had a number three pancake to start his special day.

Birthday Boy first thing

Helping make pancakes

I'm 3!
Hudson wanted a "fire truck" birthday and that is what he got.  On Friday his actual birthday we headed to our town's fire station bringing the guys cookies and they gave us the VIP tour.

Making cookies

My silly little man

Decorating cookies
(this is the color of our town's fire trucks)

 Ready to Deliver
Arriving at the first station

The tour begins

Showing Hudson the truck

and the tools

"Driving" the old truck

Firefighter Hudson

We gave them cookies, they gave the kids cupcakes

Helping the kids with their cupcakes
Thank you Eagle Fire Department the guys really made Hudson feel special on his special day. 
After the fire station we headed to one of Hudson's favorite parks, we then took a walk by the river.
Picture with the dinosaur

Opa helping Annabelle across the monkey bars

Oma and Hudson

Kids in the Field of Honor

Throwing rocks in the river

Trying to make a big splash to get Oma
Then it was back home for pizza, cake, presents and time with family.
Banner by Annabelle

Making his pizza
When asked what he wanted for dinner hotdogs or pizza his response was:
Hotdog Pizza
so that is what he got.

Happy Pizza
The Cake

Cake Time
Making a Wish
Digging right in
Present Time

Ripping into them

Playing with Uncle Noah

Riding his scooter from Oma and Opa
Hudson on his new bike
Daddy trying it out

After a full day Friday we had a quiet morning at home before putting swim lessons to use in the newly opened neighborhood pool, then it was off the Eagle Island State Park where we got a chance fish.
Computer and music with Oma and Opa
Enjoying a cool swim in the pool
(so glad Oma got in so I didn't have to)
Eagle Island had a free fish day (no license required), they also provided the equipment.

Annabelle getting a lesson
Hudson and Daddy fishing

Annabelle and Opa

Hudson lost interest in fishing

Annabelle caught her first fish

Before heading home the kids took a little dip
On Sunday we kept the fun going.  Noah continued to educate the kids on Bad Piggies, we went bowling, and then the kids headed to the toys store to spend some birthday money.

Playing games with Noah


Annabelle and Strawberry

Hudson and Plex
After saying goodbye to Oma, Opa, and Noah we ended the weekend at a neighborhood picnic.  After a beautiful weekend the rain moved in, but we didn't let that stop us from enjoying good food and getting to know our neighbors.