May 2013 Part 1

May kept us pretty busy hence the multiple posts.  The first part included  friends' birthday parties, Mother's Day, more work in the backyard, Annabelle's last weeks of preschool, with some other fun mixed in.
One exciting aspect of May was finally getting the news of where Annabelle would be going to school in the fall.  We have lots of choices in our district and Annabelle's name was drawn in the lottery for our first choice.  We attended an open house where we visited the kindergarten teachers and rooms.  

This girls is ready and excited for kindergarten
The birthday parties continued this month one for a preschool friend and on for our neighbor.  The kids had a great time at both.  
Hello Kitty glitter tattoo

Tulip in a vase

Dinosaur tattoo

Don't know if I should be proud or worried that my kids were the only ones who really hit the piñata and seemed to enjoy it.

Even with everything else going on we found time to have some fun on our own.  We visited a cookie store in town that has free cookie decorating for the kiddos.


We spent quite a few afternoons at our neighborhood park and were lucky enough to run into some firefighters driving through the subdivision.

Annabelle got herself a pet caterpillar; she carried it around a bit too much and it didn't quite make it to the butterfly stage.
We  often woke up on weekends to hot air balloons in the sky, always fun to see.

The next stage of the backyard got underway: clearing sod, moving sprinklers, putting in rock and placing the raised beds.

In process

The next part took place over Mother's Day weekend.  Putting dirt into the beds and planting the garden.
The pile of dirt Sam moved to the beds
What the kids did while we worked on the beds
Doing tricks for me on Mother's Day

Kids helping Daddy plant
Finished-A great Mother's Day gift
The sandbox has a home

"Mommy" Mrs. Potato Head
(we have one for most other holidays so Annabelle came up with this one)

 With dinner we had an artichoke, Annabelle's first one.  She loved it. 
Annabelle's last month of preschool was full of fun.  We had one last field trip to a indoor trampoline park followed by pizza, she had a bike parade, and finished it off with preschool graduation.

Bike decorated and ready to go

Riding in the parade

The whole group

Ready to graduate


Our Kindergartner

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