Catching Up

It has been a couple of weeks since last post.  No excuse, just busy with life.  Finally, got the pictures off the camera so here we go.

We have been having a mild fall, and have tried to get out as often as we can while we still can.

Zonked after walk

Warming up after playing outside


Annabelle loves to help around the house, especially the kitchen.  She drags the chair over constantly while we are cooking and even doing dishes.

Really got into it, had to lose the clothes

Huddy watching Mommy and Annabelle

Annabelle generally stays out of things.  So when she didn't follow me out of the bathroom I didn't think much of it.  After a few minutes Sam went back to see what she was up.  She found some make-up.  As many of you know I don't wear make-up very often and this had been around for a while.  After some pictures, it found its way into the trash.

Hudson will put anything he can get his hands on into his mouth.  We decided it was time for him to get his first taste of "real" food.

First Bite
Annabelle's turn
(she had been waiting for this)
Huddy's turn to try

Free for all

Happy boy
 (Daddy put the bowl on, Annabelle the spoon)

We got our first and only snow thus far on November 8.  It didn't stick and since has warmed up since.

More pics from the last couple of weeks...

Cuddle Time

Sitting Up

Annabelle: "Don't forget me"

First taste of bacon

"I made a circle!"

Hope to get better at this blogging thing and keeping up to date.  We'll see how it goes.



We kicked of the Halloween weekend by taking the kids to Sam's office.  They put on a trick-or-treating event on Friday.  It was nice to see where Sam worked, meet some of his co-workers and allow Annabelle to get a stash of candy without too much work on our part.

Daddy with Elmo and Puppy

Sam's Cube
View out Sam's window




For Annabelle's first Halloween we put her in a pumpkin.  She has seen her pumpkin picture on the computer screen saver and because of it has been obsessed with pumpkins.  She knew Hudson would be getting his picture in one for Halloween.  She "helped" in finding and cleaning out this pumpkin for her Huddy.




One more

Since Annabelle got a chance to go Trick-or-Treating that Friday, we opted to stay in on Halloween itself.  I took the pumpkin pictures and got the kiddos in their costumes for a couple more.

Huddy Puppy

With a chew toy

Only one I could get of them together

Elmo in the leaves

What is so funny?

This is

Since we have all these leaves decided to give Annabelle the great childhood experience of jumping in leaves.  I raked them up and she jumped right in, loving every second of it.  Hudson, still not a fan.

Some more fun.  Now we love Elmo in this house, so no disrespect, but I couldn't resist taking this picture.

Annabelle taking pictures with her "camera"


Family Pictures

We had some nice weather this past Saturday so I got out the tripod and we took some family pictures.  I am thankful that Sam humored me, put on the clothes I picked out, and just went along with it. 

The Family

The Boys

I tried to get a smile out of Huddy, and then Annabelle took it upon herself.
"Smile Huddy Buddy", he of course ends of looking at her. 
Still like how it turned out.

All looking at the camera

Mommy and her babies

Love Annabelle's face as this is her; she loves to be silly.

A more serious (and tired) face.

Daddy and his Annabelle.

Of course the sun came out (behind us) just as I got everyone outside and the camera lined up.  Not professional, but acceptable.  After we got back inside, the kids down for a nap, and back into our comfy sweats I realized we never got a picture of just Sam and myself.  Wish we had, but not enough to change and set the camera back up.