March 2012

March was mostly spent counting down to Oma and Opa's visit, but we did manage to squeeze in some fun before their arrival.

Still enjoying the nice weather

Cooking with Daddy

First time typing at the computer
(AKA staying out of Mommy's way as she got ready for company)

Typed her full name...then Daddy's, Mommy's and Huddy's
Huddy is easy when it comes to toys: trucks, cars, trains
While we were counting down the days for Oma and Opa to arrive we were lucky enough to have my Great Aunts stop in for a visit as they made their way through Connecticut.  Sam and I had not seen them in before kids.  It was great to spend a few hours together and for the kids meet these fun ladies.

Annabelle and Hudson with Great Aunts Dottie and Helen
 Annabelle checking Sister Dottie's reflexes

 Giving Aunt Helen a shot
Playing cards

Given a beautiful Saturday we took a drive to Muscoot Farm in New York to learn more about the New England tradition of Maple Syrup, see the animals, and enjoy a picnic.

Sam and Annabelle watching the sap become syrup

Annabelle posing by a tap

Hudson was most interested in the animals...


...and tractor.

St. Patrick's Day arrived and we were ready with our corned beef and cabbage.  Unfortunately the stomach flu hit before we could enjoy it.  We did manage to have some fun early in the day and were able to enjoy our dinner a few days later.

 Breakfast: Fruit Rainbow, Lucky Charms, and Green Milk
 Outfit number two and a trip to BK for fries and green ketchup

 Some other fun random times from March:

 Don't recall if it was actually raining, but love her style

"Snow Angel"
Yeah for Daddy getting packages with packing peanuts
Picnic with babies and the guest of honor Daddy.

Enjoy the new toy a shopping cart
(bought because Mommy really wanted it)

Having fun with hair before first haircut


Our Time with the Dr. of Rhyme

My rhyming ends there.

We love books and reading in this house.  Dr. Seuss is a personal favorite of mine and his birthday gave us another excuse for some fun.  Since Annabelle is not yet in school and our library (amazing as it is)  had no plans for the day I took matters into my own hands.   Armed with books, movies, seussville.com, activities, and food we celebrated all week.

There are a lot of pictures of our food below, since it was all different (Annabelle has never cleared her plate so easily), but each day we also played on the computer, did an activity on paper (color, wordsearch, craft) as well as watched a movie or two.

Ready for fun
Chicken patty in pita with cheese hair

Schlopp witha cherry on top
(vanilla pudding with cherry)

Cat's Hat
(mini pancakes and strawberries)

Fish with star sandwich and rainbow goldfish & pink ink drink

Canned hash with egg and toast

From the Cat in the Hat Comes Back we had cake in the tub, Annabelle quickly learned that unlike the cake in the book hers would not float (we had another piece after bath was over).

Getting her toast ready for the Butter Battle, discovered many new Dr. Seuss books myself during our week.

Tossing their toast to see if they are Yooks or Zooks

Do You Know How Lucky You Are?   Another one that was new to me.  Great lesson for Annabelle and a good reminder to me.
Lucky Annabelle and a list of what she is thankful for

Horton Hears a Who and Horton Hatches an Egg are two of my favorites.  So we spent a day with Horton and the Whos, reading also How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Making their ears

Roast Beast sandwich and Who-Pudding

Little Hortons with their Clovers
(sucker covered in cotton candy)

Of course we couldn't celebrate Dr. Seuss without reading and eating Green Eggs and Ham.  So on our last day, his actual birthday, we did just that.

Annabelle had Sam's clothes laid out for when he came home from work
Green Eggs and Ham shirt

To finish it off we made a cake for Dr. Seuss and read Happy Birthday to You!