February 2012

February got off to a warm start, so we took advantage and headed to the park.  I don't know the last time I was able to go out in February without a coat.

Groundhog Day!  I enjoy any excuse to have some fun so the kids and I enjoyed making groundhog puppets and coloring pictures to celebrate this "holiday".  Annabelle was ready with the Groundhog's predictions when Daddy got home that night.

With their puppets
Saw its shadow

Happy Birthday Oma!  Now that Annabelle is able to write (I do the spelling for her) she is all about making cards for people's birthdays.  She also enjoyed putting together a nice birthday package for her Oma which included Tinker Bell sandwich baggies, PB and Jelly hand sanitizer, and gum just to name a few.
Annabelle with her handmade card

Connecticut had its first Take Your Child to the Library Day, and being the library lovers we are we were there most the day.  Sam was able to take a break for work for a special Daddy & Me storytime with Annabelle.
Drawing a picture of her Daddy
Storytime craft
Picture with the library frog out for the special occasion

Annabelle made the front page of the local paper
covering Take Your Kids to the Library Day events

We wanted to send out a few valentines and while Annabelle took the time to make some, I "simply" took pictures of the kids and headed to Costco. Here are some of the pictures I got that day.

Hudson's kissy face
(he made this multiple times, right before getting up and running away)
Hudson showcasing one of his talents: making noise
The "winning" shot
Happy Kids

As I said earlier Annabelle made cards to send out.  I learned a couple of things during this project. One, to let go.  I cut out the hearts and let her at it, putting on as many or little stickers as she wanted.  Two, I should have her start this a month ahead of time so she doesn't burn out and write a full sentence on some and a single purple line on others.

February brought a milestone birthday for me, the big 3-0.  I celebrated in style by taking the kids to a playdate at an inflatable plaground (I got to play too).  The rest of the day we relaxed at home before enjoying a delicious dinner, wine, and cake.  To give him appropriate credit, Sam spoiled me I got both jewelry and a laptop.

Hudson racing friend Harper
Big Slide
"Rowing" the boat

Chocolate Cake! made by friend (yeah for not having to make my own cake)

The Sunday following my birthday Annabelle and I went on a mommy-daughter date to see Pinkalicious the Musical.  Until that morning she didn't know where we were going, and was very excited.  We got there early to take part in crafts and stayed late to enjoye a pink cupcake.  She enjoyed the show and was a perfect audience member.

Decked out in our pink

Hard at work on her craft
Her cupcake creation
Waiting for the show to start
Waiting some more
Enjoying a pinkalicious cupcake after the show

Hudson might have missed his sister a little bit

Getting closer to Valentine's Day we got our packag ready to mail to the cousins in Washington.  We enjoyed our Valentine's Day by celebrating in our favorite way: food.  Since it was Annabelle's last winter storytime we had her storytime friends over for lunch and to play as well
Decorating cookies for the cousins

Breakfast: heart-shaped cinnamon roll
Lunch: heart-shaped: mac 'n cheese, chicken nuggets and jello
Dinner: heart-shaped lasagna and breadsticks

This month we finally got the chance to check out the local children's museum.  We met some friends and spent a lot of time exploring the place before we were all ready for a nap.

Since we had a dinner-playdate on Mardi Gras, Annabelle and I decided to do lunch and a movie.  We made and enjoyed jambalaya while watching The Princess and the Frog.
Seasoning the chicken and shrimp
Little Chef

February gave us an extra day of fun this year.  Using a theme of frogs we packed in more fun on Leap Day by visiting our favorite frog at the library, doing crafts, and again with the food.

As you can see we did get some snow this month

Lunch: Apple Frog on Lily Pad Quesadilla

Frog Craft
Dinner: Frog Taco (made with ground turkey)

Dessert: Frog Snowball

Coloring Leap-Day Pictures

Thought I'd take some pictures, probably should have done it prior to bedtime, maybe I'll remember that in four years.

As always, some of my favorites from February:

Enjoying his apple behind the couch

Dress made from receiving blankets

Talking with Opa

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Becca, your pictures always make me smile. We sure miss you guys! We're really looking forward to you guys moving to Boise!!!