August 2012

Life did not slow down for us in August.  On the first the moving truck arrived and we started the big job of unpacking and settling in.  The kids adjusted quickly and enjoyed being able to go outside on thier own (with a fully fenced backyard), and ride their bikes anytime (nice ot have sidewalks again).
 Day One in the new house

Makeshift table and chairs
yes they are having Oreos and milk for breakfast

Impromptu sprinkler fun

Enjoying the backyard

Scooter time


Good to know the move hadn't changed Hudson, still his silly mess-making self.

Garbage can head

He found Sam's trumpets and grease
With less than two weeks under our belt in Idaho I introduced myself to a neighbor and asked them to keep an eye on our house then we made our first trip up to Spokane.  Sam had to be in Sandpoint for work and were wanted  to visit family that included family in Spokane and my grandparents who were up from Phoenix, my brother Noah making a stop between Korea and training, and my aunt, uncle and cousins over from the west side of the state.
Swinging at Grandma and Grandpas

My grandparents with just some of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren
Enjoying  family time at Stoneridge


Swim time

Uncle Noah buying the childrens' love with change

Opa cuddles
Oma and Opa's house is a kid paradise.  With so much to do they never get bored.
Great Grandma v. Hudson

Sam tossing for Grandma's target practice

Showing Great Grandma the trucks

When Oma is around it is as if Mommy doesn't exist.  Which is fine by me, I enjoy the break.  On this afternoon Oma and Great Grandma took the kids for a walk to the creek.
Having a snack by the creek


Enjoying the fire and s'mores

Hudson and Great Grandpa

Movie time with Levi cuddles

If Hudson got outside he ran straight for the riding lawnmower
Annabelle and Oma out for a paddle

Hudson watching and waiting

Hudson's turn

Opa finally took the hint from Hudson and gave each kid a turn driving the lawanmower.
One brave Opa

Teaching her the farmer wave

One happy boy

All the cousins before leaving
They were in birth order, but Dutch did not want to sit next to Hudson
while he is the youngest, he can be quite intimidating.

After a great week in Washington we made our way back to Idaho to settle in some more, and see a bit more of our new home.  Top on the agenda was to visit our community pool.  The kids had a great time and since it its only a few minute walk from the house we will be spending plenty of time here.

One day I was driving into a parking lot and saw the Wienermobile leaving.  Upon returning home I looked up its schedule.  The next day we made a stop to see; as Hudson calls it the "meat truck", on our way to the fair.
 Pictures with the "meat truck"

Onto the Fair

Posing with pumpkins

Touching the long horn
Side story when she saw the brand on the long horns she pointed out how they have cutie marks, like My Little Ponies.

Feeding the animals

"Feeding" the animals
He gets close then tosses it
Annabelle's first ride on the Ferris Wheel
she loved it, me not a lover of heights did not
Daddy and Huddy driving at the Cars ride

Enjoying some Fair food

Hudson sporting his new haircut

With Sam settling into work, I tried to take some breaks from unpacking and organizing to enjoy our last days of summer; Annabelle would be starting her first year of preschool in a couple of weeks.

Dollar Movie
Hudson was more excited about the poster than taking a picture

Picnic Lunch
Thanks Serenity for the new table

Hudson's Trick

Thumbelina and Cornelius

Mowing the lawn in her wedding dress

Hudson doesn't quit get the concept or he just doesn't care


Her tattoo from the fair
On her foot just like Aunt Serenity
A busy, but great first month in Idaho.  We are so excited to be back west and closer to family.