December 2012

We started December off by getting into the Christmas spirit.  After a breakfast of pancake snowman and hot chocolate we headed out to find our Christmas tree.
That afternoon we headed to a Living Nativity in town where we walked the streets of Bethlehem, had more hot chocolate, pet sheep, fed a camel, and made some crafts.

Paying her shekel in tax before entering Bethlehem

Hudson talking with a local

Hudson warming up with hot chocolate

Trying to feed a goat, they were full of carrots by this point

Visiting  Baby Jesus

Craft Time


Then it was back home where we got to decorating the tree in between watching the Gonzaga game.

Sam hanging lights on the house

Hudson supervising Daddy hang the lights

This year we headed to the library to meet Santa.  The library made a  night of it including pizza, decorating cookies, balloon animals, games, of course a chance to talk with Santa who gave them an early gift.
Coloring before things get started

Annabelle and her balloon reindeer
Decorating cookies

There is no such thing as too many sprinkles

Can't let the frosting go to waste
Annabelle and Santa asked for a Brave doll

Hudson and Santa asked for trucks
Waiting to open their gifts


Finally enjoying their cookies
Then it was time to order Christmas cards, celebrating our first Christmas in Idaho we headed out for some pictures.

Family photo op by one of the Eagle signs

Kiddos on the steps of the Capitol Building

Capitol Building, kids and Christmas Tree

After Annabelle's Christmas program her break started and we finished up our preparations for the holidays.
Helping make cookies

Decorating the snowflakes we made with glitter

Very serious work
We are excited to be closer to family again and that it allows them to visit more often, especially for holidays.  Sam's parents joined us for Christmas and we had a great time.  It is also great to have Sam home for two straight weeks too.
Wrestling Grandpa to welcome him

Cuddle time

Story time with Grandma

Love morning cuddles with Daddy
(yes Sam has a Mohawk too)
On Christmas Eve we took a walk around the neighborhood to look at lights before returning home to open a couple gifts and

We stay in our pajamas all day on Christmas, so pajamas is what Grandma and Grandpa got on Christmas Eve.
Madagascar 3...Christmas Eve movie night

Christmas morning was finally here and for now we are lucky to have kids that are not up before the sun.  I am sure the time will come.  After stockings and breakfast we finally got around to presents, and spent the rest of the day enjoying our new toys and time together.

Waiting patiently to get into her stocking

Waffles with strawberries, cream, and pecans
Enjoying their stockings while we clean up from breakfast
Finally present time

Tiara for our princess

"Roar Roar" flashlight

Monster Hat

Hudson and Pinkie Pie
The kids enjoyed their gifts, while we hid two more presents "under" the tree and waited for them to notice.  It took about an hour for Hudson to notice then they got to opening their final and "big" gift of the day.

Hudson ripping into it

A garage for his cars
Getting her gift out

Princess Castle
Thank you Daddy!
Then it was time to put these things together.

So many pieces

Hudson trying to help

Playing games with Grandpa

Just like that Christmas was over.  We said goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa as we continued to enjoy Annabelle's break from school and Sam's vacation from work.  We got our first snow during this week.
Got lots of crafts Christmas

Family picture on walls of kid's cardboard house

Clearing the driveway

Putting his dump truck to work
Then it was time to pack up the Christmas decorations and get ready to ring in the New Year.

Her ornament this year-Mermaid

Ornament from school

Hudson with his ornament-Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile aka "Meat Truck"

Annabelle with Daddy's craft of the season: candle holder

One more craft from school
We like to keep our New Year's Eve low key, pajamas, movies, snacks, and going to bed around 12:01 am.

The boys and their blue mohawks

Ready to ring in the New Year

Hudson out at 11:39 pm

Annabelle made it to midnight

 Happy 2013!