Family Pictures

We had some nice weather this past Saturday so I got out the tripod and we took some family pictures.  I am thankful that Sam humored me, put on the clothes I picked out, and just went along with it. 

The Family

The Boys

I tried to get a smile out of Huddy, and then Annabelle took it upon herself.
"Smile Huddy Buddy", he of course ends of looking at her. 
Still like how it turned out.

All looking at the camera

Mommy and her babies

Love Annabelle's face as this is her; she loves to be silly.

A more serious (and tired) face.

Daddy and his Annabelle.

Of course the sun came out (behind us) just as I got everyone outside and the camera lined up.  Not professional, but acceptable.  After we got back inside, the kids down for a nap, and back into our comfy sweats I realized we never got a picture of just Sam and myself.  Wish we had, but not enough to change and set the camera back up. 


☆Sara☆ said...

I love your outfits! You guys match perfectly!

lost_river said...

Good job Becca! I'm glad Sam decided to humor you. Now you'll have to set up the tripod and get some family pics at your new house.