April 2013

This past month things didn't exactly slow down, but with no guests and no trips we enjoyed staying close to home and getting some things done.  The kids did start a new adventure: swim lessons.  
Annabelle at first swim lesson

Hudson after his first swim lesson

We continued to enjoy the nicer weather and being outside more.   We were able to walk/ride home from school, try a new park, and have some fun in our own yard.

Riding bike home from school

Enjoying the new park

Being bunnies

Having a petal fight
This happened
The kids also had a blast making messes inside the house.  We had pizza and root beer float night.
Flour everywhere

Making his own float

Annabelle's class had their spring field trip and all four of us were able to take part.  We headed over to Star, ID where we visited the fire station, library, and Pizza Hut.

Walking in line to fire station

Checking out the fire truck
Sam helping out

Photo Op

Visiting Miss Joy at work-the library
(she usually comes to the school)

Enjoying pizza

It was a packed house, Hudson managed to find a seat
The kids played a bit with their style this month.  Hudson dressed himself and Annabelle followed suit.  Annabelle has also been styling her own hair; all this is entertaining for me and I hope for you as well.

Shorts over pants
Butterfly hairclips (all of them)
We did manage to get away from home.  We took a day trip to Twin Falls to see Shoshone Falls, we enjoyed the drive, a hike, and a picnic before heading back home.
Daddy and Annabelle in front of the falls

Mommy and Hudson



Hudson couldn't resist the puddles
Taking a break

Kiddos in the "bear cave"

Enjoying a picnic out of the wind

We also continued to cross some things off our house list.  We had curbing put in the backyard around the house and in preparation for our garden beds, which Sam also managed to finish.

Around house before curbing

Backyard....just grass

Curbing in...still have the dirt

Sam working on raised beds

Annabelle helping Daddy finish raised bed
(Hudson got fired from the job early on)

While we didn't have any house guests we did have a visitor: a snake.  Annabelle was quiet excited about it and didn't want to let it go.  Hudson "enjoyed" it from a distance.

On the hula hoop

Annabelle pointing it out
(not touching it yet)

Hudson telling the snake to go away

Daddy joining in on the fun

Annabelle (in new outfit) worked up to holding it
Placed the snake in one of the raised beds....Annabelle was determined to keep it
(it got out of the bed, and the yard)

The last thing we managed to get done this month was plant our front flower pots....something I look forward to every year because it means the warm weather is here to stay for a while.

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