After a couple weeks our "we just moved across the country" to-do list dwindled enough that we could finally enjoy some time out of the house that didn't include going to Costco or the hardware store.

We started out our local library The Mark Twain Library.  Fun fact Redding, CT was the final home of Mark Twain and he donated books to start the library.  Sam stayed with Hudson and Annabelle in the childrens' book room where they have puzzles, puppets, and blocks (I love this library).  I checked out books for everyone without two kids all over me.  We also signed Annabelle up for story time which starts next week.

Pictures with the Celebrated Jumping From of Calaveras County

After the library we headed to Ridgefield the nearest "big" town to us.  There we walked Main Street.  There is an actual sidewalk; hard to come by out here, and signs along the way telling the history of the town. 

Church and rock wall along Main Street

Kiddos at end of walk

Annabelle woke up as we put her in the car and wouldn't let me forget I had said something about a park.  We headed to the Ridgefield Rec Center where they have a playground and Annabelle had a blast.  She hadn't been to a playground since our going away picnic a few weeks before and tried everything out, a few times.  Since then we have been there three times.  Makes me miss being only a few minute walk from the park.

All in all not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  Looking forward to getting out and exploring more often.


Darcy said...

Glad to see you're out having some fun. It looks beautiful there. Still hard to believe you all are so far away!

lost_river said...

I'm glad Dad and I were able to visit you guys and meet the frog, and see first hand some of these sights.