August 2011

Since we were headed to Spokane at the end of the month we stuck close to home for the month of August.  Doing our normal everyday things....


 sidewalk chalk

 being silly 


 more silliness

 not allowing brother to get all the attention

 getting into trouble

 stickerbook from Oma


We did manage to get out with our friends for a local drive-in cruise night where we ate burgers, had some good root beer and admired the cars.

 Daddy did Hudson's hair for the occasion
 The pink T-Bird was Annabelle's favorite

Of  course the entire month we were counting down for our trip to see everyone back in Spokane.

 One Day to Go!
(or so we thought)

We found out the morning of our flight was cancelled due to weather (Irene was due to arrive the next day); luckily we checked before waking the kids at 3:30 am.  So instead of spending the day flying across the country, we finished preparing for Irene's arrival.

 Annabelle and the "stinky cheese"
Sam made a great dinner to help my mood after the change in plans that morning.

We made it through Irene with no major damage.  We had to clean-up quite a few branches in the yard, and live without power for a couple days.

Dinner by candlelight

The power returned just in time for us to do some laundry and cleanup before leaving four days later than planned.

 On our way