November 2012

Life slowed down a little bit in November.  We didn't have guest every weekend, but would be hosting my family for Thanksgiving so were busy getting ready for that.   
One exciting thing that happened was an impromptu visit from a fireman.  I was getting the kids down for their nap/quiet time when I saw the truck.  I couldn't pass up the chance for Hudson to see it so we headed out to the balcony to wave.  They stopped and told us they had something for us as they started to get the stabalizers out I ran to get my camera.  The fireman made his way up and delivered stickers.
On his way

So excited!
 (Hudson didn't want to turn away from the truck)
Our next "event" was election day.  After reading a story and watching some School House Rock the kids and I headed off to vote. 
So proud of their I "helped" vote stickers
Annabelle's school participates in Operation Christmas Child so we took the opportunity to give.  Annabelle was very serious during our shopping and kept reminding Hudson that this was for other kids and didn't ask for anything for herself (I was very proud).  We packed our boxes and brought them in along with a few extras for the kids to pack boxes at school.

With the goodies

All packed

Our next project was to make cupcakes for the preschool to sell at the Church Holiday Bazaar to raise money to ship the Operation Christmas Child boxes.
Putting the finishing touches on
Ready to go
Hudson is a handful, but a lot of fun.  Here are a couple pictures of Hudson doing what he does.

Nap time, can't sleep without his cars and trucks.

Before we knew it we were headed into Thanksgiving break, but not before Annabelle's school performance.  We made some "Thankful For You" treats for her teachers and enjoyed the show.

Making the treats

Decorating her notes

Ready to go

So cute
Then the family was here.  We enjoyed the full house (13 people under one roof), time together, and of course the food.

Cousins out for a walk

Leave it to Noah to bring a keg
we were all thankful

Sam fixing the disposal

Father and Son nap before dinner

Noah doing the honors

Napping on Opa

Noah finishing off the turkey

"Friendly" game of Nertz
(I won)

One more picture before they leave
Each day leading up to Thanksgiving the kids came up with one thing they were thankful for.  It was  a good exercise for them and entertaining for us.  Annabelle covered the major things and some of her favorite toys.  Hudson had trouble getting past trucks: tow, dump, fire, Daddy's the list goes on.  Looking forward to see how their lists change over the years.

The kids with their "Thankful Leaves"

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