January 2013

Lucky for us Sam still had a few more days of vacation, and while Annabelle did have to go back to school only going three days a week for a few hours we still had plenty of time together.

We started off by enjoying the fact that most everyone else was back to work and school and headed to the bowling alley.  This was the kids first time bowling (that didn't involve the Wii).  We had a lot of fun.

Daddy helping her at first

Doing it on her own
(we had to wait a long time for that ball to reach the pins)

Hudson's turn
(had to get the ramp to speed things up)
While I enjoy having Sam home for these two weeks each year and I know he enjoys being home, he does get a little stir crazy.  This means that he comes up with a project for himself and this vacation it was painting the kids' rooms.
The Before
The kids enjoyed spending the night in the other's room while their own was being painted

The during
Sam and Annabelle painting in her room
 Hudson's room after

Annabelle's room after

 We were getting ready for Sam to return to work, but not before we got to celebrate his birthday.  After breakfast at McDonalds and going for a drive we headed home and celebrated with cake.
The "kids" in the McDonald's Play Place

Helping make the cake and clean up after
Happy 32!

With Sam back at work and Annabelle back at school we got back to our normal schedule, pretty much.  Annabelle started "lunch bunch" at her preschool, staying an extra two hours each Wednesday.  Other fun things for her included being her class' first student of the week, pajama day at school and attending her first "school friend" birthday party.

Ready to go with her new lunch box

All about Annabelle Mae

Pajama Day

Off to Princess Party
Hudson....needed his picture taken too

Just a random one of Annabelle's style
We got a lot more snow in January, we even had a snow day.  It was a crazy winter for the Treasure Valley, but normal for us after our winters in Washington and Connecticut.


A great way to warm up after playing in the snow, is swimming in the bathtub. 

Annabelle had been talking about tea parties, and has held her pretend ones since she could walk.  We surprised her with a real teapot and a tea party to go with it.


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