Happy Birthday Annabelle

While Annabelle got to celebrate her birthday with her friends a few days early, we had a great day celebrating as a family on her actual birthday.
After waking up she enjoyed her special breakfast of a pancake shaped like a five.  
My five-year-old still asleep

Her new birthday outfit

Awake and happy

Excited to be 5!
After breakfast we let her open a few gifts, before heading out for her special birthday meal.

Opening her first gifts of the day

Real Earrings

New Clothes

Hudson showing off sisters new shirt...

...and shoes

Modeling her new mermaid pajamas
Before heading to lunch we had an important stop to make, the mall to get ears pierced.  She had been asking for it and knew it was coming, but had to wait for her fifth birthday.

Picking out the earrings

Getting ready

Very brave girl, nervous, but did great

Her smile says it all
Annabelle got to pick where we ate for her special day, and her choice: Red Lobster for what else but lobster (this is what happens after living in New England for a couple years).

Love her

Checking out all the lobsters

Special birthday treat (which she happily shared)
Annabelle's other request for her day was to go swimming.  The pool was still very cold, but that didn't stop her from having fun.

Then it was cake time once more and lucky for me we saved the top from here party cake.
Making another wish

The next day we were still celebrating as she opened her last gift that didn't get here quite on time.

Her very own jewelry box
We can't believe how fast five years can go, and how blessed we are to have such a sweet, fun, happy...(I could go on and on) daughter.  We love you Annabelle Mae.

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