Uncle Noah

This past spring my brother Noah called and asked what we were doing for Thanksgiving.  Eating turkey was  answer, monthes away I had no idea except that we would be in Connecticut without family.  Noah is stationed in Germany and had found a great deal on tickets to Boston. Suddenly we had Thanksgiving plans.

Trying out the suitcase

Buddies from the start

Noah arrived the Tuesday before and with his arrival it felt more like Christmas than Thanksgiving.  He brought goodies for all of us.  Annabelle received puzzles, coloring books, and Haribo gummies, Sam got whiskey and scotch, Huddy got his first beer stein (just his size), and I got chocolate.

Playing with Puzzle Blocks

Taste Test

We had a wonderful time with Noah here, especailly Annabelle.  She would follow him around, "help" him tinker with his new bike he had shipped here, and demand him play with the puzzles and read stories. 

For the most part we stuck close to home. 

Noah with frog at library

We went for a drive along Merritt Parkway and around New Haven/Yale. 

First "Welcome to Connecticut" I've seen since moving.
Had someone to take a picture, so had to stop.

Welcome to New York sign in distance

 We went on a hike to Topstone Park, since a trail is right out our door. 

Hiking- stop to get us going the right way
I may have got us lost

Hiking in the leaves all by herself

We played Wii (an early Christmas present for us)

She takes it very seriously

 We ate

Dinner Time

Noah's visit went way too fast.  He had to return to Germany the Monday after Thanksgiving.  Hopefully we will get a chance to see Uncle Noah soon (we hadn't seen him since April 2009). 

Saying Goodbye

April 2009

October 2010
How they have grown


☆Sara☆ said...

These are really great pictures and i am so glad that you both got to spend thanksgiving with family!!! Especially this being the first year you were away =( Glad to hear you all are doing well!

Darcy said...

That is so cool! I am so happy that your brother was able to join you. What fun!!

lost_river said...

I know how much Noah misses being close to family, and with you being away from family at Thanksgiving for the first time, I know how good it was for you to have your little brother hang-out with you guys for a week. I'm sure he loved getting to know his niece & nephew, and spending time with them. It does a mother's heart good!