While my parents were visiting we decided to spend Christmas Eve in the  big city.  My dad wasn't feeling well that morning so he stayed home while my mom, Sam, the kids and myself took the train to Grand Central Station.

Waiting for the train in Norwalk

Riding on the train

Grand Central Station

Getting organized before heading outdoors

Was glad Annabelle wanted to ride in the backpack.  Taking a toddler to NYC made me nervous.  Also happy about the adult/child ratio.  We started our day by heading down Fifth Avenue towards Central Park. 

Excited to be in New York

Crazy car (behind taxis) along Fifth Avenue

Edge of Central Park

Despite the weather reports for a warmer day, the wind made for a very cold one.  So with one freezing little girl we headed to a Sturbucks to warm up while my mom explored the park.

As soon as we hit the warm air of Sturbuck she was out

He had been out for a while

After a short nap and a some hot chocolate we were ready to get back to seeing the sights.  The wind died down and we were able to enjoy our walk.

Ran into some of Annabelle's favorites

Big "Cracker Nut"

Our next "destination" point was Rockefeller Center. 

The Tree
(The camera does add some pounds, looked much smaller in person)

Having worked up an appetite we headed for a street vendor and got ourselves some hotdogs and a pretzel.  From there we headed to Times Square.
Lunch Time
Huddy's eyes were covered most of the day

Had to stop at the Disney Store in Times Square

After Times Square we made our way back to the station and then on to home.  Looking forward to warmer weather and more trips to see all that we can of the city.  Since the trip Annabelle cannot stop talking about "New York City", any city skyline she sees is NYC if we see/hear a train it is on its way to NYC. 

After getting home and settled Annabelle was allowed to pick one present to open. 

It was the perfect pick for the night, movies

Watching Toy Story 3 and eating holiday popcorn

Huddy having his own snack


Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous!!! That looked like a lot of fun!!!

lost_river said...

What a fun day trip to NYC we had! I'm glad my first time experience in the Big Apple was with you guys. I'm hoping it will be a tad warmer next time I make to NYC...BRRRR, that was a cold day!