Oma and Opa Part I

We were blessed with a visit from my parents for what turned out to be two weeks around Christmas.  The kids were spoiled, mommy and daddy got a bit of a break, and Oma and Opa got to see a little bit of the East Coast.

Annabelle had a long list of things to do while they were here and got through it a couple of times...here are some of the pictures:

Visiting Frog at Library
(Know if you visit us you will get a picture with The Frog)

Hudson and Oma (going through pictures)

Dunkin Donuts
(Annabelle happily got everyone a donut out, but tried each one first)
Bath Time with Oma and Opa (mommy break)
I told her to splash away while they were here

Sleeping in her princess tent
slept at the foot of Oma and Opa's bed the entire visit

Taking Oma for a walk at Yale

Hanging Out

Making Cookies
Something my Mom and I have done together the past few years
glad she was able to be here to roll out the candy cane cookies again.

Little Baker

Drive up to Litchfield County

When in Litchfield Annabelle most excited by the dancing Santa in the window

Nativity in Bethlehem, CT
When she got back to me "Mommy, I touched Baby Jesus"

BK a must with Oma
She is drinking ketchup here

First BK crown
Serving them in celebration of their 34th Wedding Anniversary

The evidence of their anniversary "dinner"

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lost_river said...

We had so much fun hanging out with you guys. Spoiling our grandkids was #1 on our list of things to do. Thanks for letting us do that. It was great to see some of the beautiful sights of CT. You know We're going to have to come visit again in the summer...we can't wait until December to see you all again. We miss you terribly!