Oma and Opa Part II

Still posting about December...

My parents were scheduled to leave the 27th so we spent the day after Christmas in the snow at Topstone Park and Weir Farm two place we had not made it to and wanted to show them.
Hiking at Topstone Park

Oma and Opa
Enjoying the snow

Keeping Toasty

Some help from Opa

Touring Weir Farm

We wanted to send them off with a memorable meal and accomplished that by purchasing "Larry" a live lobster.

Hudson and Larry
 We decided to give Larry a few last moments of freedom before he became dinner.  Also needed to get pictures of and with him.
Annabelle and Larry

Larry after his bath
We woke the next morning to more snow and the news that airports were closed and my parents flight was cancelled.  Good news they were at our house and not stranded at the airport, "bad" news the earliest they could fly out was the 31st.  We took advantage of the extra days with them and for the most part stuck close to home.

My mom was able to spoil the kids more and made sure Annabelle got the sled experience

More time with Oma in the snow

That works so much better

View from inside

View from Outside

Oma also got them 150 more balls for their ball pit

Opa got more cuddles

Sam and myself got some time alone.  We went out to dinner while my parents stayed with the kids.

This is what we came home to
We fit in one more "tourist" activity and went to Keeler's Tavern

Our Tour Guide
Annabelle at the end of the tour

Early on the 31st we said goodbye and Sam drove them to the airport. Their trip home went smoothly and they actually arrived early.  We loved having them here for the two weeks and look forward to their next visit, hopefully in nicer weather.

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