January 2011

Now that we are into May I thought I should update the blog and let anyone who still checks let you know how life is going here in Connecticut. 

We started the New Year by celebrating Sam's 30th birthday.  While he doesn't like to make a big deal about his birthday we had a nice dinner and tried to spoil him a little.  Hudosn even gave Sam a present, crawling for the first time.

Sam was welcomed by 30 cans of his "favorite" beer, or better said his
favorite beer that comes in a 30 pack.  Along with 30 things we love about him.

Snow was the theme for January.  We continued to get more and more as the month went on.  Not any worse than we were used to in Spokane, but it did get old quickly.

Our Patio

Our Mailbox
There were a few days mail was not delivered


Most of January was spent getting ready to move to another house.  The reason for the move was that the owners of the original house we were renting moved back from California and asked us if we wouldn't mind moving.  After only a couple days of looking in December we found another house within five miles of the first one. 

Helping Daddy clear snow for move
While out there said "I want to go to Hawaii"

Watching as Daddy and Annabelle clear snow

Getting things ready to move

Hudson had a big first (and hopefully last) during the moving process: surgery.  Nothing major and we had known about it since he was only a week old, but still difficult for both Hudson and mommy.

Waiting for Surgery

Headed to the Operating Room

Recovering at Home

 In between clearing snow and getting ready to move life went on as normal, here are some pictures

Watching the Danbury Whalers
kid's first hockey game

Annabelle doing dishes in her sink

Hudson "cooking"
Hudson started pulling up and cruising at the same time he started to crawl
He is only getting away with this because Annabelle is napping

Playing with Christmas gifts

Dressed for the weather

Giving kisses and paying her back for all the times she interrupted his sleep

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