February 2011

We spent the first week of February moving to the new house.  No moving company this time, but we did have help and a U-haul.  Sam and I spent the first part of the week making trips with our vehicles and then on the fourth we moved our furniture and spent the first night in the new place.  The month was mostly spent getting settled.  We also celebrated my 29th birthday with some good food and wine.  As I was going through pictures from this month, found that there are not many, showing just how busy we were.

Last picture of the kids in the old house
Hudson "helping" Annabelle in the kitchen

Birthday flowers from the Fishers

Annabelle's first time painting

Hudson doing what he does best, annoying his sister

They really do get along most the time

All cuddled up
(when she does get cuddled up like this she strips down to her panties first)

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