March 2011

We made quick work of getting settled and by the start of March the only boxes that were still packed (filled with mostly books) were in the basement and waiting for a shelf to unpack them onto.  This was great until we had a huge rainstorm March 6.  We got four inches of rain in a night, that with all the snow that was still around we ended up with four inches of water in our basement. Lucky for me Sam was unable to get into work that morning with the flooded roads so we were both able to start the cleaning process.  After hauling everything upstairs and Sam vacuuming up the water the drying process began.

Stuff was drying for weeks in these places.  Also had the tent set-up inside for a couple days.  In the end the only things that got ruined were college textbooks that had not been open in the past seven years.

Spring arrived early on March 17 (it disappeared again soon after) as we enjoyed what Annabelle calls "Green Patricks Day".  Hudson celebrated by taking his first steps.

Enjoying the bubble-blowing weather
Corned Beef and Cabbage
Green milk and cookie
Despite the flood we did have some fun this month, and while a lot of the house was a disaster I kept a couple rooms free of the drying clutter and was able to focus on the good things like...

Baking cookies with Annabelle

She is smelling the oil we sprayed the cookie sheet with

Hudson getting into the cupboard and helping himself to the syrup

Playing blocks with the kids
Annabelle built the giraffe all by herself
She is looking at Huddy making sure he stays away

Hudson taking advantage of a sleeping Annabelle
If she skips a nap, she is known to fall asleep during dinner
Hudon "playing" with his favorite toy

and the fact that after two years, nine months, and twenty-eight days I can give Annabelle pig-tails

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lost_river said...

Hi there Fleetwood Four! I love the pictures! Some are quite comical... LOL!!! One of my favorites is of Huddy taking advantage of his sleeping big sister. Annabelle looks so cute with her pigtails! I sure do miss you guys! A little over 3 months and counting...