May 2011

With May came more visitors, my best friend Tiffany and her daughter Jordyn.  They were only able to spend a few days, but we had a good time relaxing and catching up.  We also had one more friend Annie, come down from Boston to join in the fun.

Tiffany and Jordyn with library frog

Tiffany and Annie doing the princess puzzle Tiffany got for Annabelle
It took some time, but they got it done  Annabelle is able to do it by herself now.

For the most part we stuck close to home, but on their last day before heading to the airport we visited the Bronx Zoo.

Three kiddos ready to roll at zoo

Comparing hands

Bug Carousel

Best Friends

 The following weekend the library had one of their fundraisers the Frog Frolic, happy to support our great library we took part by eating, crafting, and playing.

First fishing lesson

At the bubble station
Buckets and Buckets of bubbles
She did not want to leave

Inside a bubble

Face Painting

My Mother's Day was perfect.  After running in a 5k race that morning I relaxed at home with my babies, went out for icecream, followed by a wonderful dinner cooked by Sam.

Hudson and Annabelle out playing
(Yes she is in the same outfit as the day before)

Set up for dinner

On the go

Annbelle with the handprint flowers we made for Grandma and Oma
My camera had been on the fritz, since a huge repair company is here in Connecticut we decided to take a drive and see a bit of the state.  The day brought us to Dinosaur State Park, where we had a picninc lunch and walked the trails.

Exploring the park

Walking with Daddy

Ananbelle- the one thing she couldn't
wait to do since we had arrived

We ended the month with a couple of celebrations  Hudson's first birthday (a separate post soon) and our seventh wedding anniversary.

And because there is always more, here are other pictures from our life in May.

Watching Mommy workout makes him tired

In their fort

Two of Daddy's favorite things

Hudson's new sandbox, before the sand

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lost_river said...

Love the pictures, Becca! I love the one of Annabelle eating cotton candy! The one of Huddy and Daddy walking side-by-side is a favorite, too! It does a mother's heart good knowing her daughter and family is enjoying life! Thanks for sharing!