Our Princess turns 3!

Waking up as a three-year-old

We were lucky to have Sam home the entire week, so Annabelle was able to open a couple of gifts first thing.

Gift from neighbor in Spokane.
How we miss you Nancy.

She couldn't wait to get it on, and sing with her Princess Sing-A-Long
 After a nice song and dance we headed into New York to the Central Park Zoo

Waiting for the train

More singing, she is singing "happy birthday to me", to Hudson.

Polar Bear
Probably her favorite animal at the zoo

Net in the children's zoo, probably her favorite thing at the zoo.
Hudson enjoyed it too, finally out of the backpack and able to move.

Taking a walk through Central Park
the little man is asleep

Enjoying NYC pretzel and a juice

Her turn for a nap, fell asleep in my arms as we were walking
at 30 Rock

Back at home we enjoyed some pizza while watching Tangled (one of her gifts) before ripping into the rest of them and eating cake.

The gifts, see a theme here?

Ready to return the favor and rip some of them open for his sister

Baby Belle from Oma and Opa
Yes we are back in our Cinerella dress

Princess Barbies!!!!
Daddy is the best

Her Belle dress from Tiffany
Could not get any cuter

Cake time

My Sleeping Beauty


CaSandra said...

WHAT A FUN DAY! She sure is into all the girly-girl stuff!

The picture of her in the dress that Tiffany got her needs to be in her slide show when she gets married... you know... in 40 more years!

I loved the sleeping beauty picture - perfect ending to a perfect day!

lost_river said...

Great pictures, Becca! Looks like you all had fun celebrating Annabelle's 3rd birthday! It's times like these that I really, really miss you guys.

I absolutely love the one of Annabelle in her Belle dress.

Happy Birthday, Annabelle!!!!