June 2011

We started the month as seen in the previous post, by celebrating Annabelle's third birthday.

That weekend we got our family pictures taken, as seen in the new blog title picture.  We also had friends over for dinner and swimming.  We have been lucky to find another couple in our same situation: here three years, two kids (3 &1),  Brad works with Sam, Molly and I have gotten to know one another throught MOPS.

Annabelle and Hayden


Warming up


Figuring out how this corn on the cob thing works

Hudson's first time in the pool


The following week I had a MOPS get together at a nearby swimming hole.  It was nice to get out and cool off.

Annabelle and the pink noodle

For Father's Day we stuck close to home and enjoyed a couple good meals, along with a family bike ride.

Hudson is a climber and now knows how to use chairs to get what he wants

Is there something on my face?


Sam doing all the work


At the end, wouldn't know Hudson was screaming for the first 15 minutes of our ride

Some must-see pictures from June:

Nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby

Finally, a sandbox with sand


In case you can't read the shirt, "Like father like son"

Me: "Are you being a bird?"
Annabelle: "I am not a bird, I am a chicken!!"

At the end of the month we welcomed Sam's parents to CT.  Post on their visit coming soon.

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