Grandma and Grandpa Visit CT

Sam's parents were able to make a trip to visit us this summer and we were lucky to have them for two weeks.    We had a lot of fun and packed a lot in while they were here.

We spent the first couple day close to home.  We were able to catch up, relax and allow Ed and Barb time to recover from their flight.  We of course started off by visiting the frog at the library, followed by Stew Leonard's.

Library Frog

Stew's Little Farm

We continued the next day with visits to the Weir Farm and Keelers Tavern.

Hiking with Grandpa around Weir Farm
Cooling off in the Shade
My little climber
Nap time
The one time he has the upper hand
Not such a great idea after all
Wier Farm Fountain

We ventured into the city the next day visiting the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, followed by a walk through the financial district and Times Square.  I impressed myself this day as I was playing tour guide and managed to navigate the city streets and subway without getting completely lost.

Making a very cute Statue of Liberty
The best shot I could get
Nap time on the lawn at Ellis Island
We made it on the big screen in Times Square
(we are at the top to the right of the two)
Times Square with Grandpa
Meeting the police horse in Times Square

Annabelle helped to choose our next activity and the following day we headed to the Bronx Zoo.

Bug Carousel
Best way to get around-Grandpa's shoulders
Ready for the Dora and Diego 4-D movie
We took a day to rest here, but just one and then we got back to it as we headed to Coney Island and the New York City Aquarium.

One cannot visit Coney Island without eating a hotdog
or two

We slowed down a bit at this point, taking another day to relax around the house before we took a drive along the Long Island sound to Mystic, CT.  There we visited the Seaport before taking the scenic way home through Hartford and on home for fireworks.

Watching the boats
Our turn to steer
Enjoying the fireworks

Since Grandma and Grandpa came all this way we thought we should let them have some quality time with just the grandkids so Sam and I headed to New York City while Annabelle and Hudson entertained at home.

We took the opportunity to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge without lugging two kids
(please excuse the blur it tends to happen when walking, eating a hotdog, and taking a picture all at once)

With our tickets

Later that afternoon we spent some good time in line at TKTS and got tickets to Catch Me if You Can.  We had some time in between getting the tickets so we walked around the city more, had some pizza and drinks before heading to the show.

We spent our last full day driving up north just across the border into Massachusetts (could not find a sign to take a picture with).  Just like that the two weeks were up and it was time to say goodbye.  Glad they were able to make it and we didn't wear them out too much, already planning their next visit out which should be just as fun and busy. 


Dana Kangas said...

There are so many pictures that make me happy in this blog post. :-)

lost_river said...

Great pictures! I'm glad you were able to show Sam's parents such a good time!