July 2011

After saying goodbye to Sam's parents we slowed down quite a bit.  Sam had to get back to work, and the kids got back to their normal after all the excitement.   We stuck close to home for the rest of the month, here are some of the pictures.

Lobster time!!! Living in New England we like to take advantage of enjoying fresh lobster every now and then. 
 Annabelle and Larry II
One of the few times we encourage her to play with her food

We were able to get together with our friends for another BBQ and the kids had a blast swimming and riding along in the "gator".  Annabelle had her turn at the wheel, but we all (including her) felt it was safer when she was the passenger.

Hanging on tight!

 Sam had promised Annabelle a campout over the weekend, that was before the forecast called for the hottest stretch over the summer.  Like the good father he is he kept his promise, while mommy and Hudson stayed cool inside.
 Hudson helping set up the tent
Daddy-Daughter Campout

We got the pool back out for some relief from the heat, but for the most part it was too hot for that and we stayed inside.

 Pool Time
 Doing "awesome" tricks
Doing his own tricks
 Princess puzzle complete, again
Doing what he does best, making a mess
 Little Artist

We did manage to get out when it cooled down for one of Annabelle's favorite activities...


And while out there Annabelle discovered a nest that had been blown down from a tree.

And my favorite picture of the month:
morning cuddles
(and while it looks like they may be watching tv it is in fact off)

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lost_river said...

Love your pictures, Sweetie! My favorite is the last one...too cute!!!