October 2011

October was a beautiful month (that is up until the last weekend) so we tried to get out and enjoy the weather and a little bit more of Connecticut.

For our first outing we went for short hike near our house up to Saugatuck falls. 

 In front of the falls

 Annabelle leading the way

Later in the week the kids and I joined our MOPS group on an outing to a local farm, where we  enjoyed a hayride, picked pumpkins, visited some animals, and went on a walk through a grass maze.

 Headed to the Pumpkin Patch

 Found his pumpkin right away

 Still looking for her perfect pumpkin

Enjoying an apple snack

 Enjoying a couple of apple snacks

Going through the maze of grass

The next weekend we enjoyed our first fire of the season.

Getting cozy by the fire

A few months earlier Sam had volunteered at a local zoo for his company's community service day, as a thank you he received a family day pass that we finally took advantage of.  It was the perfect day (if anything a little too warm) and the perfect size zoo for a Saturday afternoon.

 Yes, she is "milking" the cow

One of his favorites, Pringles

Back at home leaf clean-up had started and the kids took advantage of the many huge piles around the yard.

Then it was already time for Halloween.  We love gnomes in this house, and when I found these costumes last year after Halloween I couldn't resist.  Definitley worth the wait.  I took pictures a couple of weeks before Halloween just in case the nice weather didn't stick around, so glad I did.

My little gnomes

A very cute lawn ornament

 and another one

We started off our Halloween weekend by trick-or-treating through Sam's office.

 Weaving their way through the office

 Hudson leading the way, all business

Taking a break in Daddy's cubicle

Followed by trick-or-treating at Stew Leonards.

We spent the next day trick-or-treating on Main Street in Ridgefield as the flakes started flying. (so cold and windy I never got pictures).  Twenty-four hours and 14 inches of snow later we were without power and "enjoying" a white Halloween.

 Just had to get dressed for less than ten minutes in the snow

 Not so sure about it
Went in soon after this with the promise of hot chocolate

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