November 2011

November got off to a cold dark start.  After our "little" snow storm we were without power for five days.  We camped in the living room for the first few nights keeping the fire going around the clock.  That room we managed to get up to 60 degrees while the rest of the house was below 50.  We were thankful that we had gotten enough firewood, that we have a gas range for cooking, and that we have friends that got power back sooner than us and invited us over until ours was back on.

Dinner and a movie
(also thankful that we have a portable dvd player to keep the kids entertained while I made dinner in the dark)

Thankfully the cold and snow did not stick around for long.  So while at home we were able to go outside where it was above 60 degrees.

During this week we got a new toy delivered for Sam, a snowblower.  It came a few days late for him to really enjoy it, but he gave it a test drive anyway. We have not gotten any snow since.

A couple weeks after the storm you wouldn't have even known it snowed (other than all the down trees and branches).  We were enjoying a warm November which included washing the cars in shorts, T-shirts, and bare feet.
Our little helper "doing a good job"

Enjoying the sandbox in the nice weather

Since we were alone for Thanksgiving this year we decided to take advantage of our location and we headed into New York to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  We took the train in on Wednesday afternoon and after checking into our hotel we made our way to where they were inflating the balloons.

Annabelle and the world

A very croweded event. Can you spot Sam?
(I almost lost him a couple of times)


Spiderman with bunny ears

Sam and Hudson with Energizer Bunny

Becca and Annabelle with Smurf

The next morning I got everyone out of bed before 5 am so we could bundle up and get a spot.  While nobody was excited to be up we were lucky and got one of the last spots in the very front.  After giving the kids candy to calm them down and Sam returning from finding coffee and breakfast we got settled and the kids actually fell back asleep on our laps for another hour.  Then the waiting began.
Cuddling with Daddy and keeping warm

All the people behind us

More snacks to pass the time

Looking down Central Park West
(can see the Macy's Stars and Sonic the Hedgehog at the start)

Since we were only seven blocks from the start of the parade, it wasn't long after 9:00 that the parade reached us.
NYPD Leading the way

One happy girl

Set to watch
Hudson enjoying the parade

Best seat around

Annabelle's favorite part: confetti
(Had to remind her to watch parade sometimes as she collected it)

Her collection
(this is in the chair of the person next to us, she made sure to put it in our bag before leaving)

Annabelle with her favorite balloon Hello Kitty

Why getting up before 5am to be in front was worth it

Hudson and as he would call it "muppet" balloon

Parade coming to an end


By 11:00 the parade was over for us.  We headed back to one crowed Grand Central Station and onto a train back home.
Photo op after parade

Taking a much needed nap on the train

On Friday we had "Turkey Day" and cooked the meal we missed the day before.  The great thing about not having company for Thanksgiving is you don't have to worry about having a clean house, or about what you wear to dinner.

Sam did most the cooking, but he did have some help

Carving our little bird

Enjoying his dinner

Eating the jell-o she made for the occasion

After dinner snack

We ended the month by heading over to Stew Leonard's for our Christmas tree and with the help of little hands decorating it.

Annabelle with the ornaments, ready to get started

Being very careful

Very carefully removing ornaments

I will leave you with a couple of my favorite pictures of everyday life in November.

Watching Elmo with Elmo

Reading Pinkalicious and the Pink Pumpkin

Hanging out with Daddy

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