December 2011

December was a fun month spent getting ready for Christmas and taking part in all the holiday season had to offer.

We started off by taking the family photo for our card (thank goodness for the tripod).  After 20 some shots we got a keeper, I only posted the one we ended up with, but it is a very entertaining series of photos.

The first weekend in December found us at the Redding Christmas Tree Lighting.  The kids enjoyed running around, climbing on rocks, and meeting Rudolph and Frosty (the candy canes didn't hurt either).
Running to Frosty
Hudson really just wants the candy
A hug for Rudolph
Goofing around in the gazebo
Annabelle with the tree
Hudson and Daddy and the tree

As usual we were spoiled by Oma and Opa receiving a pre-Christmas package in the middle of the month.  Here is Annabelle wearing her new pants, pajamas, and socks.

I wanted to get a couple of pictures of just the kids for our cards.  I waited a week between the family ones because we all can only take so much.

Loves having her picture taken
Would rather be playing
Having fun
Trying to get brother to stay
Trying to get away
Time for a break
Candy does the trick (at least candy canes are festive)

The week before Christmas we finally made it to see Santa at Stew Leonard's.  Both kids were all about it.  Annabelle asked for My Little Ponies, and requested Cars for Hudson.

Earlier in the month I did a cookie exchange and had plenty of cookies, so we didn't go all out in the baking department this year.  As usual Annabelle was a big help in the kitchen, Hudson not so much.

Unwrapping Kisses
(she only ate a couple after getting permission, Hudson snuck more and got banned from "helping")
Stacking cookies before baking
(her mask is a souvenir from Daddy's latest trip)

Sam and I are not big on exchanging gifts, but we do like eat.  So one of our gifts was a lot of yummy food over the holidays.  An extra gift for me, since Sam had the week off he did most of the cooking.

Fondue Picnic

Enjoying a spoonful of butter, who needs the crab legs?

We started with opening one gift on Christmas Eve, new movies!  Annabelle decided to watch Kung Fu Panda 2 and then it was off to bed to get our rest before the real fun began.


While Annabelle was very excited about the arrival of Christmas she also loves her sleep.  We will take these quiet Christmas mornings where we are waiting on her as long as they last.

Ready to be torn into

and it begins

Favorite gift so far: candy
Doodle Bear from Oma and Opa
Sam's present from the kids.  CHEESE BALLS!

Something he is supposed to hit
Annabelle's Baby Cinderella from Grandma and Grandpa
should have asked for a baby doll for Hudson too
Modeling her new robe and slippers
The Aftermath

As usual the kids were spoiled by us, their grandparents, and their aunts and uncles.  We made it through opening presents and spent the rest of the day and week enjoying the new toys and being together.

Little Handyman
Boxing Bride
Playing games on her camera
 Hudson taking a swing

We had a  low-key New Year.  Just the four of us hanging out.  Hudson also likes his sleep and was in bed at his normal time.  Annabelle was determined to stay up and nearly made it.  I made her sit still just long enough for her to fall asleep with three minutes to go. 

Almost made it
I was nice and woke her up for the countdown

Ending here with some of my favorite pictures from the month.

Getting a hug from two of his favorites: Elmo and Annabelle

Enjoying some tea, all the way down his shirt


Why one of his nicknames is TROUBLE

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