Oma and Opa Visit

My parents were able to visit during my Mom's Spring Break.  We were excited to visit with them and tour a bit more of the area.  The time went by way too fast, but we managed to fit a lot in.

The first thing on the agenda was to get Hudson's first haricut.  We put it off a little bit so Oma and Opa could be there.  This is one of the few things Hudson will be able to say he did before his sister.  He did great a great job and was happy driving his car and watching cartoons.



Looking Good
The next day we were off to enjoy a beautiful day at the Bronx Zoo.  After some morning cuddles that is.

On the caterpillar with Oma and Opa
Showing Opa the animals
Time for a break
Bug Carousel
Oma couldn't let the kids have all the fun

The following day was cold and raining, but it didn't stop us from enjoying "Touch a Truck" a local fundraiser.  A lover of trucks, Hudson was one happy little boy.

Annabelle enjoyed the trucks too, but the facepaint and butterfly tattoos were more her style.

As were the puddles.

Since their last visit was in the winter, Oma and Opa wanted to see some sights in the spring.  We went on hikes at Putnam Memorial State Park and Weir Farm.
 Putnam State Park 
Hudson practicing being two
On our way
Happy once again
Annabelle leading the way at Weir Farm
Having a "picnic" after our hike

On my Dad's agenda was Old Sturbridge Village.  We left Sam at home to get some work done and took a roadtrip to Massachusetts and spent the day at this living museum.


Annabelle got right to work at the spinning wheel
Hudson got right to playing
Not getting any milk from this cow
Or water from this pump
Did get a scoop from the Tinsmith
Annabelle's favorite part: School
Oma playing again

Churning Butter


After a busy few days, we took a "down" day.  After story time at the library Annabelle and Oma went to see the Lorax 3-D, Hudson and I got some errands doen, and Opa got a much needed nap in before helping Annabelle plant flowers.


All rested up we headed into New York to see the Statue of Liberty, the 9/11 Memorial and a little bit of the city.


This look is for Hudson, why can't you sleep like your sister.
Times Square Toys R Us
(Annabelle slept through it)
Library Lion
Hot Dog Time

 Train back home
We then decided to go to the neighboring town of Ridgfield for a walk along Main Street and some time at a park.  Again the last time Oma and Opa were here it was covered in snow.

On our "long" walk
(a few minutes is too long when wanting to get to the playground)

Enjoying hot dogs from Chez Lenard
Finally to the playground
Annabelle and Hudson were excited too

After dropping Opa off for a nap we headed to our favorite store Stew Leonard's for their Easter Egg "Hunt".
Waiting in line
Keeping themselves entertained
Collecting Eggs
Easter Bunny
Becoming a Bunny
Eating his chocolate
Earlier in their visit we stopped at the beach, but it was a cold rainy day and not enjoyable.  With the sun shining we headed to Sherwood Island State Park on the Long Island Sound for a few hours of fun.

Searching for shells
With her shell creation
(a mermaid house)
Throwing Rocks

Flying a kite with Opa

Climbing Rocks

With time running out we got in one last bit of fun as we celebrated Easter a day early.  Dying eggs, making cookies, and going on an egg hunt before Oma and Opa had to say good-bye.

With so much going on this is how we "make" cookies
First time dying eggs
Sam and Opa observing the hunt
Kids filling their baskets
Me and my little bunny
Kids going through their goodies
It was a great visit that went way too fast.  Very thankful that Oma and Opa made the trip and we were able to fit so much in.

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