April 2012

The day after my parents left Sam took off to Portland, OR for the week.  The kids and I kept busy during the week and kept Sam busy on the weekends enjoying the warm spring weather.
A nice Easter surprise from the Winter Family

Another great surprise, Voodoo Doughnuts from Portland
Doughnut Time

With some great weather and left over train tickets, we headed into the city to spend some time at Central Park.  It was a first visit going beyond the zoo.

That is after a quick stop at FAO Schwartz and The Big Piano
Hot dogs in the Park
Since we still had our pass we made a quick visit to the zoo
Time for a rest and a popsicle

Nap time
They were both out at until I mentioned finding a bench, that woke them right up.

Atop Belvedere Castle

Probably in need of more sleep

Alice in Wonderland
Finally able to climb on the rocks
Saying bye to the turtles
A leisurely walk down Fifth Avenue with his kids
During the week the kids and I got out as much as we could.  Visiting various parks and putting our sandbox and sprinkler to good use.

We got in some time with our friends and headed over to Muscoot to see the animals and enjoy their story time.

Even when we stayed in the kids kept themselves and me entertained.  Example Super Bride and Pirate Zebra.

 The next available weekend we headed to Orange, CT an the Pez Visitor Center before moving onto New Haven for a sandwich from the Caseus Cheese Truck.

One of my favorites this month, Annabelle and her dollar pack of frogs.  She spent a lot of time creating a home for them and we both enjoyed every second of it.

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