May 2012

We spent May doing our usual things during the week and trying to fit in as much as we could on the weekends.  We were also gearing up for our week of celebrations and trip at the end of the month. 
Modeling the towels Oma and Opa bought during their visit
Cinco de Mayo another excuse to have some fun.  This year that involved making tamales for the first time.  They were a success!

Getting ready to put together while kids nap
There was a road race that went right by our house.  We got a flyer in the mail with the details and an offer for a cowbell to cheer them on.  Annabelle was up and ready as the runners started coming by.  In the end she got more compliments, thanks, and great jobs than she gave out, but she could sure ring that bell.

With Mother's Day right around the corner we got to crafting and made Oma and Grandma cards and kitchen towels.
Posing with their handiwork
With our zoo pass expiring at the end of the month we decided to visit the Bronx Zoo one more time and to see the things that were not open when we went with Oma and Opa.

Checking out the frogs

Looking for butterflies

Butterfly Garden

Annabelle and Hudson cannot walk by one of these without trying it out


Watching a puppet show

Just one more visit to the bug carousel....
...and the 4-D Adventure

Little Tiger
On Mother's Day I ran the Run Like a Mother 5-K and this year the family came along (with cowbell and all) to cheer me on.  We then went out to lunch at a Diner across the border in New York before heading to Stew Leonards to buy my Mother's Day flowers.  We ended the day with Sam and the kids planting my flowers before enjoying a great dinner made by Sam.  A perfect day.

Fueling up on donuts before the race

At the diner

Visiting the animals at Stew's Little Farm

"Helping" Daddy plant flowers

Releasing a frog in the flowers
As I said much of the month was spent in preparation of  two upcoming birthdays, an anniversary, and a trip.  We were also waiting on some news about where we would living by the end of the summer.  Here are a few random pictures from May.


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