June 2012

June was a very busy month.  With a start date in Boise of August 1 we had less than two months to make the move including finding a place to live.  We also wanted to fit in some time with our friends before leaving; added to that were a few out of town guests visiting us in Connecticut one last time.
Enjoying one last play date at the splash pad.

Our first guest was our good friend Peter.  He had a meeting in New York and came a little early to spend the weekend with us.  We went for a hike and the kids enjoyed the extra attention.

Ready to hike

Annabelle leading the way

Peter and Annabelle Gone Fishin'
with Mystic the Unicorn (a gift from Peter) watching

Trying on Peter's Shoes
As if we didn't have enough going on, Hudson had started to climb out of the crib.  So with a car bed passed on from a friend we said goodbye to the crib.  Luckily he settled right in.

Our next visitor was my sister Serenity.  She made a trip out to watch the kids while Sam and I went to Idaho on our house hunting trip.  It was great for everyone.  Serenity and the kids got some special bonding time, while Sam and I were able to go through the process of looking, offers, and inspection in five days without having to worry about the kids.
We had a day to show Serenity the ropes before heading out.
Meeting the library frog
Stew Leonard's
Then Mommy and Daddy were off and the real fun began.


Here is the house we put the offer on in Eagle, ID.

 Glad she was happy to see us
Serenity had a couple extra days with us so I took her into the city for a bit of sightseeing and some sisterly bonding.
 Serenity and Lady Liberty (in the distance)
 Enjoying a New York hot dog
we had pizza too

Times Square Billboard
Look close, we are under the red and white ball

Then it was time to say goodbye, knowing that we would see her in a couple months and much more often when living a state away. 

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