Grandma and Grandpa Visit

Our next visitors were Sam's parents.  They had planned their trip before we knew we would be moving (they arrived twenty-four hours after Sam and I returned from Boise).  Needless to say we had a great, but very busy time with them.
While Serenity and I were enjoying the sights of New York; Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa and the kids enjoyed looking at the cars at the Sycamore Drive In in Bethel.


Summer Cruise Night at Sycamore

 Checking out the cars
After a day to settle in we returned Serenity to her own kids, picked up a rental car and we were on our way south for a few days.  Our first stop was Philadelphia for cheeseteaks, we tried both  Pat's and Geno's doing our own taste test.  Both were great, but Geno's came out the winner for us.
Enjoying his "meat meat" sandwich from Pat's

Annabelle's turn

Onto Geno's

Grandpa digging in

We then headed over to the Independence Visitor Center before seeing the Liberty Bell and a tour of Independence Hall.  Side note there were so many pictures from here and D.C. that I "limited" it to those with people in them.

Annabelle and the Phillie Fanatic statue

Daddy and Hudson with the bell

Mommy and Annabelle and the bell's "good" side

Grandma and Grandpa's turn

Does not want her picture standing where Lincoln stood
or where JFK stood

Sam, Hudson, Annabelle, and George Washington

Relaxing in the lawn before our tour

Sitting on the steps of Independence Hall

Getting directions
Then we were off to Washington D.C. and our hotel to rest up for a day in the capital.  We spent one day walking around the National Mall seeing the sights and a tour of the Capitol Building.  It was one long day, but we got to see a lot.  I look forward to going back when we have more time and kids that don't "need" to be carried.

First stop: Starbucks

White House from Pennsylvania Avenue

White House from the south

Walking around the National Mall

Fleetwood Four at the Capitol

Grandma and Grandpa with the Capitol Building
On the tour of the Capitol Building
(in the Rotunda, painting Landing of Columbus)

Hang Loose
Photo op with one of our favorite state's statue
Reading a story in the Library of Congress
 Back outside for more sights and walking

With Thomas Jefferson

At the FDR Memorial

With Mr. Lincoln
Taking a moment to rest

 One of my favorite photos from the day
The ducks checking out Grandpa's shoes
at Signer's of the Declaration of Independence Memorial

Hudson and Mommy leading the way to World War II Memorial

The next day we headed across the river to Arlington National Cemetery and spent a short time there before getting in the air-conditioned car (it was a hot and humid day) and heading back home.

 We tried to have a some "down" time, but still found things to do.  Like getting in as many story times as we could and a trip to the local zoo.
Story Time

Peacocks at Beardsley Zoo
 Getting a closer look at the prairie dogs
Annabelle and the Alligator
(Sam helped paint this during his works volunteer day)

Cooling off

Then we were off and running again.  We headed into New York to see the 9/11 Memorial and a bit of Central Park.

City Hall Park

Resting in the shade on the Brooklyn Bridge

Subway ride toward Central Park

Great way to travel and great view

Enjoying NYC hot dogs in Central Park

Nothing like a Dora popsicle on a hot day

Taking a ride on the Central Park Carousel
Alice in Wonderland Statue
a very different scene from our last visit in April

Yeah for getting a nap in
The rest of the visit we stuck close to home.  Both kids got haircuts; Hudson's first at home, Annabelle's first ever.  We visited the Danbury Railway Museum and spent the Fourth of July in Ridgefield with a trip to Dunkin' Donuts, farmer's market and park thrown in.  Sam and I did get out alone a couple times.  We spent some quality time shopping for a fridge for our new home.
Here come the clippers

Mommy's turn

Muscoot Farm for Farmer's Market
couldn't resist the tractor

Fun with Grandma

Fun with trains at the Railway Museum

Park time 
Grandma and

Cleaning out the Rice Krispie Treat remains

Waiting for the Fireworks

Snack time

Having fun
Playing Ball
Break for more snacks

Getting Dark

First Haircut

Beautiful Girl

Then it was time to say good-bye and see you soon.  Leaving us with only three more weeks in Connecticut.
 One last game of "mine"

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