July 2012

With just a few weeks left in Connecticut, we kept busy getting organized for the move and getting in some final good-byes and story times.
The library did not dissapoint as we attended a few more story times before heading out.    We enjoyed both a music story time and a stuffed animal sleepover. 

Getting into it

Picking up Larry the Lobster after his night in the library

 Eating donuts in the library
Enjoying our free slurpees on 7-11 before heading to the park to meet friends.

A few months earlier we signed Annabelle up for VBS, once she got used to the idea of me leaving her she had a great time and was all smiles.

 In the end of the week performance

Annabelle made a few friends at the library, one of her best and one we will miss is Zoe.  We took the opportunity for one last playdate and to say goodbye.

 Silly, happy girls
Before we knew it it was moving day.  Luckily we had nice weather and were able to hang out outside and stay out of the way of the movers.
With most their toys packed up the kids entertained themselves by making "bird baths" out of papaer plates.
Annabelle with hers

Hudson working on his
Last picture on the rock 

Our stuff waiting to be loaded

Had to get a picture of this, the only thing Sam moved
the joys of having the company pay for movers.

All the movers were great.  The driver took some time out to show the kids around the truck, including letting them honk the horn.


Have I mentioned story time, I will miss everything about it (I'm sure Annabelle will too).  We made it in for just one more the day before flying out.

Saying goodbye to Miss Allison
I may have cried here

and the frog

one last picture
The kids then went to our friend's the Hicks while Sam and I headed back to clean the house.  We enjoyed one last dinner and power outage with them before saying goodbye.  The next morning we were on our way to Idaho.  Our trip west went well, and both kids did good on the plane despite Hudson having a fever and throwing up on each flight (luckily it was contained and easily cleaned up).

Keeping him entertained on the plane, he watched for a short time
then spent the rest of the trip like this

Watching her own movie

Keeping busy

Arriving after midnight we got to our hotel and got some sleep.  The next day we were able to visit the house, the Boise River and Rosauers (grocery store) as we waited to close on the house.

Throwing rocks in the river

Cooling off

Enjoying the free ride at Rosauers

Official Idaho residents
First meal in the new house
In their rooms with their new house gifts

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