September 2013

We kicked off the month with a visit from Grandma and Grandpa over Labor Day weekend.

On Friday night while we were waiting for Grandma and Grandpa to arrive we headed to see the Night Glow at the Balloon Classic.

Waiting for the balloons to light up

Starting to glow

All glowing

We then got to enjoy just having Grandma and Grandpa around.  While grandparents are here Sam and I like to get a way for a little bit.  Usually that involves running errands and a bite to eat and this time was no different.  While out we picked out some ceiling fans and added bonus Grandpa was here to help put them in.

Don't Spill the Beans!

Attacking Grandpa

Helping Daddy and Grandpa with the fans

Putting Grandpa to work

We also like to make something special while we have company.  This time we tried something new and made sushi for the first time.

Sam rolling sushi

Sunday morning we headed back to the Balloon Classic to see the balloons take flight.  The weather was not cooperating so the balloons were unable to take off.  Lucky for us many of the balloons were offering kids a tethered ride, so we jumped in line and got to go up in a balloon.

Up early watching the balloons inflate

All up

Kiddos with their favorite balloon: Mickey

Fleetwood Four in the air

Back on the ground

Grandma and Grandpa

 While we didn't get Grandma and Grandpa in  the pool, they came to watch as the kids made good use of it before it closed for the season. Annabelle got to show off her swimming skills while Hudson just had a lot of fun.

She is a swimmer

Another memorable moment of the weekend was catching a frog.  Sam saw it on our way home one night, we jumped out of the car and grabbed it bringing it home to show the kids before letting it go.

We got him

Checking us out

Kids checking him out

Time to let him go

Then it was time to say goodbye, while Grandma and Grandpa packed up Annabelle and Hudson played in their jeep.

Then it was time to settle into our new routine of school and soccer.

Working on homework

Apple Day

Crazy boy needed his picture too

Saturdays were now soccer days.  Annabelle had her first game this month and it was a doozy, but after that first game she and her team got it and played some great soccer.
Getting ready to go

My little kicker

Hudson and Daddy on the sidelines

Sam and the kids getting in extra practice

We of course managed to fit in some fun and messy fun at that.  Our first bit was after an afternoon thunderstorm (which hit only a few minutes after parking the bike from picking Annabelle up from school).

Coming down

Ready to SPLASH!

Our second bit of messy fun was a chocolate slip 'n slide with my MOPS group.

Ice cream break

Annabelle has so many clothes so when it came to back to school clothes shopping we limited it to one outfit.  Giving her quite a bit of freedom she chose a sparkly Hello Kitty number.  Finally toward the end of the month it got cool enough to wear this long sleeve and pants outfit.  Enjoy.


Surprise!  Matching earrings

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