Annabelle Goes to Kindergarten

My how time flies.  Hard to believe Annabelle is going into kindergarten. She couldn't be more ready, and lucky for me it is only half day so I get to have her at home in the mornings for one more year.  
We got ready for this school year by making a list and shopping for her supplies.  The day before school started we got to find out who her teacher would be (she got the one she was hoping for) and visit the classroom.  Then it was time to say goodbye as she started this new phase.  For the record I didn't cry at all the first day...I did that the night before while reading her stories about starting school.

Annabelle with her supply list

Checking off those supplies

Labeled and ready to go

Next to her cubby

Coloring at her seat

Time to pack up

First day of school lunch...ABC pasta, ABC toast, and apples
(notice with the red sauce I didn't let her get dressed for school until after lunch)

Ready to go

Sign by Annabelle

Headed to school

One more photo

Lined up and ready to go

Sent my love with her
After her first day we celebrated with ice cream and since the ice cream didn't fully do the trick an impromptu cool off session in the fountain.

Enjoying their ice cream

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