July 2013

We kicked off July like most people by celebrating Independence Day.  We had red, white, and blue themed meals, enjoyed the sun, and ended the day with fireworks.

Annabelle with her red, white, and blue waffle

Hudson enjoying his 4th of July Pop-tart

Spending some time in his sandbox
Even had blue hair for the occasion

Star Ravioli Lunch

We spent the evening with neighbors barbecuing, swimming, and lighting off some fireworks.



So LOUD!!!!

After the fourth we spent a week camping with my family at Ponderosa State Park in McCall (it has its own post here).

When we got back it was our town's Fun Days.  We attended the parade, which half-way through turns wet (cooling off the kids). After a quick snack and some music we went home to rest before returning later that night for fireworks.
Start of parade

Waving and waiting for candy

Ready to get wet

Here comes the water

Enjoying the fireworks

The next week Annabelle attended VBS....sadly no pictures, though she had a fantastic week.  Annabelle continued to stay busy attending soccer camp the last week of July.

Daddy getting her ready for her first soccer experience

Done with the first day of camp

First nights "homework" decorate your ball

Showing off for the parents

Hudson passing the time while sister had soccer

Annabelle with her coach on the last day

When not camping, at VBS, or soccer we filled out time enjoying the nice weather and parks in the area.  With picnics packed we visited parks where we ate, played, splashed and enjoyed a shaved ice or two.

Being forced to eat before hitting the park....lunch was not a priority to them

Finally allowed to have some fun

Both were happy to stop for some shaved ice

Before playing some more at the splash pad

and at the playground

Did the same thing all over again at another park.

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