August 2013

August was one busy and fun-filled month.  With Annabelle about to begin kindergarten we had to make sure we made the most of the time we had.

We started the month by travelling up to Stoneridge Resort in Blanchard, ID.  My grandma made the trip up from Phoenix and were able to see her and other family.  It was a quick trip, but a good one.

Annabelle an Hudson playing in sandbox

Headed to the hot dog lunch

 Preparing family dinner

Enjoying said dinner
messy, but good eaters

Cousins in the closet

Grandma and Grandpa stopped by for a visit too

Putting the pool to good use

When we got home my MOPS group had an outing planned to the Idaho Aquarium it was our first visit and the kids really enjoyed themselves.

Checking out the fish

Feeling the fish

Photo op

After talking about it all summer we drove the few miles and spent a few hours at Eagle Island State Park.  I am sure we will try and make our way over here more often in the future.

Enjoying our picnic of Greek food

Swim time

We did spend quite a bit of time at home as well, swimming in our neighborhood pool and playing outside when it wasn't too hot, and of course eating a lot of popsicles.

Hudson finds uses for his truck in any season

Playing computer in the air conditioned house

When houses are being built all around you Hudson
just needs to look out the window for his kind of entertainment

August also brought more and more veggies to our garden...so much the kids and I went door to door giving out cucumbers, zucchini, peppers and tomatoes.

Annabelle next to the tomatoes

A view of all the beds

Fresh picked

Hudson with cucumber

Annabelle holding her first watermelon of the season

Having had so much fan last year we headed to the Western Idaho Fair once again.  We took our time and saw it all, enjoying some of the food as well. We skipped the rides this year, since it was so hot and they were all in the sun.

Metal flowers

Hudson had to stop and look at the truck

Feeding the animals is always a must

Hudson even got into it this year

Annabelle preferred to feed the babies

Fair food!

Enjoying an ice cream potato...it is Idaho after all

Stopping to smell the flowers

and pet the horses

My little vegetables

Silly kids in silly mirrors

The last week before school started I was scheduled for jury duty.  My mom came down in case I got called in.  I ended up not having to go in so we had a lot of fun instead.  We used our coupons from the summer reading program and visited both the Discovery Center of Idaho and Powell's Sweet Shop. Annabelle had her first soccer practice and we got to take Oma to Pajama Story Time at the library. We also made good use of the pool, swimming nearly everyday.

Playing games on Oma's computer

Discovery Center

Lifting her little brother

Four Hudsons

So much cute

Trying to make a big bubble

The floating head weather man and his sidekick

Putting Mommy to work

Resting on a bed of nails

Shopping (almost cleared the shelves in one trip)

Ready to check out?


Waiting for their cotton candy

Statues with cotton candy torches

Hudson loves to help in the kitchen

Annabelle at her first practice

Having fun

Pajama story time

Oma and Annabelle making their fish

Pool time

This is how we roll...to the pool

Showing Oma their soccer skills

Oma headed out Saturday morning and we headed downtown to take part in the Boise Color Run.  We all had fun and the kids did a pretty good job for their first fun run.

Getting ready

At the starting line...all clean

Ready to go

Half-way there

Loving it

Now it is a race

All finished

Looking good

Photo by Annabelle

The After

It was Hudson's turn to start soccer next.  After getting his ball, shoes, and shin guards Annabelle and Sam took him out to break them in.  Then it was "practice" time where Sam helped out.  No games at his age, just lots of fun.

Daddy getting him ready

Playing tag and doing drills

Getting a chance to play

With coach Daddy

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