January 2014

We finished ringing in 2014 setting off some poppers and toasting the New Year.  Then it was off to bed.  Life slowed down for some the kids and I, Sam however got back to work and continued his busy season.



Sam was able to take some time to celebrate his birthday.  I asked Hudson what we should do for Daddy's birthday, his answer: Meat Party.

Ribs, chicken wings, meatballs, smokies, 
buffalo chicken dip

Sam's idea of a good time was getting his truck cleaned, so we took a trip to the car wash to celebrate year 33.

Hudson and Daddy

Annabelle and Lucy

Making a wish

With break coming to a close we got in one last outing; thanks to a tip from Oma and all the Disney movies we got for Christmas we were able to get free tickets to Frozen.  The kids and I enjoyed it and we can't wait to add it to our collection.

Getting comfortable

With the cold temperatures outside we tried our best to keep busy and have some fun in and out of the house.  We met friends at an indoor gym and got some energy out, and passed the winter with movies, crafts, wii, and legos.

Gym Time

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Dinner and Movie

Craft Time

Just Dance

Enjoying  their legos...spent most of the day here

We had gotten Sam's mom a "special" calendar featuring our local firemen that she could hang in her own office (at a fire station).  Had to include a picture of Hudson.

We did get outside for fresh air once in a while.  The kids had been wanting to build a snowman all winter, and we finally got the right kind of snow to do just that.
In process

All done

We ended January just like we started it (ringing in a New Year); this time it was the Chinese New Year.

Enjoying their meals of Chinese Chicken Salad, egg rolls, edamame and oranges

Lucy like the kiddos was not so excited about Sam going to back to work....here she is whining at the door after he left.

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