February 2014

We kicked off February at one of our favorite places: the Library.  They had put on an event called Blockfest and we enjoyed a morning of building (and breaking).

Building a garden

Hudson's creations

Monster Truck!

We also got crafty at home.  Each month we have a family project for Annabelle's homework.  This month was a 100th  day craft and we went all out making a fish pinata that had 100 polka-dots and held 100 treats for her class.

Annabelle also made a necklace for her 100th day out of 100 star beads.

Annabelle also had her first snow day this month and also had a lot of fun.  She made her own hill to sled down in the backyard.

During the colder weather if you can't find Annabelle you know to look behind the furniture on the heater vent, she now has a buddy joining her there.

Then it was time to celebrate my birthday.  Had a great dinner at home with the family and I was spoiled by Sam along with family and friends making for a wonderful day.

Things did not slow down, especially for our little kindergartner who had to get Valentines ready for her class.  This year I let her make the decision and it was Frozen for the girls and sticky bugs for the boys.

For family and friends the kiddos helped make a heart frame and we took some pictures.  Always an entertaining experience.

Valentine's Day arrived along with Oma and Opa for a long weekend visit.  While Opa hung out with Huddy, Oma and I went to school with Annabelle to help with her class party.  The rest of the weekend was spent playing...at home, the park, and bowling.

Our Valentine from Annabelle and Hudson

An Expo bouquet for Ms. G

Weekly Reader Time
Then it was party time

There were games



and Valentines

All that fun at school was just the start of a great weekend.
Walking home from the bus

Helping make dinner

Playing at the park

with Oma and Opa (Lucy too)

Showing Oma how to play

We got the kids indoor "jungle gym" out and the kids asked to be flipped...again and again.  Thanks for the pictures Oma.

Puppy Love

We ended the month on a high note, with temperatures in the sixties.
Broke out the flip flops 

Enjoyed a lot of time outside

Just one more picture....Hudson found this tie and decided it was a necessary accessory.
Our Handsome Huddy

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