March 2014

Life slowed down a bit in March.   We trade babysitting with friends and it was our turn so we kicked off March with a fun night in.

All dressed up

Dancing the night away

Annabelle's family project this month was to build a leprechaun trap.  We had fun building it, and actually caught one.  He managed to escape and caused all kind of trouble...I was too busy cleaning up after him to get pictures, but the kids enjoyed all his shenanigans.

With Sam's busy work schedule we enjoyed our corned beef and cabbage a day early, we took a surprise trip to get some Shamrock shakes.  On St. Patrick's Day itself the kids and I wore and ate lot of  green.

Broccoli soup and shamrock sandwiches

The sun started to make a regular appearance this month, so the kids dressed accordingly...sunglasses, hats and all.

Ready for the sun or the witness relocation program

Enjoying the sun, warmer weather, and park

The end of March brought Spring Break along with it.  We opted to stay home and have some down time.

Annabelle wasted no time, after school that day she got into her suit and headed to the backyard and kicked off Spring Break.

Later that night the kids received a surprise, our very own copy of Frozen.  After a dinner of sandwiches we had treats of chocolate and floats.

Enjoying their blue "Frozen" floats while watching the movie

Annabelle had been asking for a spa day (I don't know where she gets these ideas because I have never gone to the spa) so we enjoyed a couple hours of beauty at home.

After her bubble bath enjoyed her mask and juice

Then it was on to nails
(picture by Hudson)

Hudson wanted a picture too

Then he got in on the spa day

After hair and lip gloss she was ready for her close-up

My little lady monkey

Another request for Spring Break was a sleepover in the living room.  The kids got set up enjoyed a movie and some popcorn before heading off to dreamland.

While there are many moments during the day Annabelle and Hudson fight like well brother and sister...there are also those moments when they are best of friends.

Nurse Annabelle and her patient Hudson...she nursed him back after he hurt himself playing.  
She covered him, brought him a drink, toys and made him a get well card.

During this week we also took a trip downtown and met some friends at the zoo.  We always have such a good time at the zoo and being with friends makes it that much better.

Watching the playful snow leopards

Feeding the goats

Photo Ops

Petting a very big bunny

Riding the carousel 

After the zoo we made our way to Trader Joe's which had just opened a month earlier.  The kids got to pick a couple of snacks and searched the store for the Boise Bronco earning a sucker.

Kids enjoying their letter crackers from Trader Joe's

We ended the week doing what I like..things that are free.  We had lunch at Pizza Hut (thanks Book-It) and getting a treat from the candy store (also used a free treat coupon).

Hudson, Captain America, Hello Kitty, an Annabelle

Even though it was low-key March still managed to zoom by and before we knew it it was April and Annabelle was back at school.

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