April 2014

April started off with showers and after having some fun in the rain, Annabelle and Hudson got into the spirit of April Fools Day.

Excited for the chance to wear their boots and use their umbrellas

Sam was in his busy season and getting home after the kids were in bed...for their prank the kids placed their giant bears in their beds and hid in ours.

Bears tucked in waiting for Daddy to say goodnight

Hudson didn't quite make it...but Annabelle was able to shout, "April Fools!"

With the weather getting nicer, it was time to get garden ready. The kids were eager to help in any way adding fresh soil to the boxes and getting an early start on planting.


We are counting down to our neighborhood pool opening and to get ready the kids started swim lessons again.   This was Hudson's first time without me in the pool so he was a little unsure; Annabelle was ready and jumped right in.

Eyes on Mommy

Having fun

Easter weekend was a so fun-filled we decided to put off our own egg hunt at home for a later time. We kicked off the weekend Friday night by heading to Annabelle's school carnival where we played games and won prizes while helping the school raise money.

Bean bag toss

Important life skills being learned here

Ended with some put-put

On Saturday we headed to my MOPS church and their Easter Eggstravaganza.  Bouncies, face painting, pony rides, train rides, hot dogs not to mention the egg hunt made for an exciting afternoon.



Ready to go

All done

Enjoying the ride

This one too

The fun continued on Sunday.  The kids started by finding their baskets, then playing with all their new things.  While out flying kites our neighbor invited us to an egg hunt at the playground so we joined in.  Then it was back home for dyeing eggs and dinner.

Annabelle's basket

Hudson's basket

Baskets found

Perfect day to fly a kite

Ready for the next hunt

Annabelle completed her last family project of the year...a timeline of her first six years.

Like many little boys Hudson loves Spider-Man, when he saw an ad for Spider-Man ice cream and I saw an ad for dollar scoops I couldn't say no.


Annabelle also had her spring field trip.  She went to school early and headed to the MK Nature Center.  I was unable to go, but another mom was nice enough to take and send some pictures.

Ready to go

Making fish prints

Posing with the hieroglyphics

This pile of rocks arrived in our driveway, meaning a lot of work ahead for Sam and myself.  Hudson enjoyed it and even put his dump truck to work.
All boy

We were lucky enough to have a visitor this month.  My Aunt Liz came down from Spokane for work.  She was able to spend a couple hours with us, we enjoyed dinner together and the kids found someone to play a couple games of Disney Bingo.

Another sleepover....

When I see that the Wienermobile is coming to town we make a point to visit...so much fun.

After a month of swim lessons Huddy was ready to move up to the next level joining his sister's class.

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